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Our Team

“He is destined to be in the music industry. Nawab is Beat factory alumni and the hardest worker in the room. Nawab has been the ghost behind a lot of hit songs and knows the recipe for a hit song. Working in the shadows made him recognized his own talent and ready to showcase it to the world.”
Writer Singer Composer Producer
“Simone is a disruptive Italian kid which is beyond any comprehension. He is truly gifted with the art of wordplay and that's what a loudmouth young rapper needs to spit fire in the mic. His first album Brahma has 8 songs produced with multiple composers and featuring artists. His first single Brahma will get everyone's attention as it should”
Writer Rapper
“ Arish is a star-crossed lover who bleeds feelings and emotions in his writing. His songs are fun, love, hate, and aftermath. He needs nothing but his loneliness and his guitar to come up with a new rendition of life in music. His next single "beparwha" will showcase the perils of an old relationship. ”
Writer Singer Guitarist Pianist
“ Honey is a true blue desi rapper. He is upset, confused, enraged, and ready to take on the world with his might words. He is the pure definition of a raw poet. you have to hear it to believe it. His upcoming single "Atma hip-hop ki” will present him in his rap god avatar. ”
Writer Rapper

O.K. Opportunity Knocks is a multi-talent entertainment management company based in Gurgoan, India.OK's vision is to supersede expectations, create the extra-ordinary for both our clients and our talent.

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